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Pen Pal Programs for Students | K12 Online Education | Spark Learning Pal

Join our All Stars Program to launch into an exciting homeschool journey!

Embark on an epic homeschool journey with our All Stars Program - the ultimate way to truly blast off your homeschool adventure!

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How is the All Stars Plan Different?

Our All Star Program at Spark Learning Pals offers a comprehensive enrollment option. When you enroll as an All Star, your child will join a small group of 10 students in an All Star Learning Pod. These sessions, held twice a week for 60 minutes each, focus on core academics like reading, writing, and mathematics. The program also emphasizes building peer relationships and provides ample engagement and feedback from the assigned teacher.

Furthermore, All Star enrollment grants access to exclusive live classes. Your child can explore a variety of classes available only to All Star students. Additionally, All Star students enjoy unlimited access to classes offered to Rocket and Launch Pad students, totaling over 160 live classes for the 2024-2025 school year. These programs are designed for flexibility, with all classes accessible on-demand to suit your schedule.

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View our All Stars Class Offerings for the 2024-2025 School Year

Pre-K/K Pal
Early Primary Pals

All Star Learning Pods

Introducing our All Star Learning Pods for the 2024-2025 school year! Your child will join these exclusive pods, meeting twice a week for 60 minutes each session. Experience small group learning with a maximum of 10 students per pod.

Reading & Writing for Exceptional Learners: Learning Pod
*Geared towards students with reading/writing learning disabilities (dyslexia)

The Reading & Writing for Exceptional Learners Learning Pod empowers students to build essential skills for their reading journey. It includes step-by-step guidance and support. The Learning Pod will focus on developing auditory discrimination, auditory memory size, and auditory sequencing.
Reading & Writing for Exceptional Learners All Star Learning Pod meets twice a week for 60 minutes per session. This pod is designed for students with reading and writing learning disabilities, particularly those with dyslexia or dysgraphia.
Space is limited. 10 students maximum.

Early Primary All Star Learning Pod

This group will engage with classic literature (picture books) through art projects, crafts, science experiments, and STEM challenges. Participants will work on writing strong sentences with proper capitalization and punctuation, journaling, phonics, sight word practice for reading skills, community helper studies, nature activities, age-appropriate math skills, and word problems.

The Early Primary All Star Learning Pod will meet twice a week for 60 minutes per session. This Learning Pod is geared towards students ages 6-8.

Space is limited. 10 students maximum.

Intermediate (Gifted) Learning Pod

This class is designed for middle school students and will cover life skills. We will explore the history and foundations of the U.S. government through reading classic literature and using the IEW writing method. Discussions, projects, journal writing, and comprehension skill development will be based on the literature. Math concepts, word problems, and science-related health topics will also be reviewed. The Intermediate (Gifted) All Star Learning Pod is for students aged 12-13 and will meet twice a week for 60 minutes each session. Limited space available for up to 10 students.

Primary All Star Learning Pod

The Primary All Star Learning Pod, aimed at students aged 9-11, will focus on classic literature related to ancient civilizations. This theme will extend to art projects, crafts, science experiments, and STEM challenges. Reading skills will be honed through various comprehension exercises. Language arts will emphasize crafting coherent, well-structured paragraphs and papers. Math concepts and word problems at the appropriate grade level will be covered. Additionally, students will learn about manners, healthy habits, and environmental science.

Early Primary Pals

View Additional All Star Only Exclusive Classes

By enrolling your child in All Star, they will gain access to exclusive classes listed below.

Babysitter Club Book Club

Join us every week for our live Babysitter's Club book reading sessions! During class, we'll discuss chapters, review comprehension questions, engage in activities and short projects related to each book. All independent reading should be done before class. Students must come prepared having finished the assigned reading.

Mini Medical School

This weekly class offers learners the opportunity to enhance their English vocabulary and phrases within a specific medical theme each week. Participants will delve into new medical terminology, create crafts, take part in topic-related activities, and play games - all while gaining insights into the medical field.

Beginning Phonics

In this class, students aged 5-7 will learn and practice digraphs (ai, ea, ch, ph, etc.) and consonant blending (bl, st, gr, etc.). This will help them improve their phonics skills, enabling them to sound out words and progress in reading.

Craft Your Own Creative Story (Middle School)

Middle school students in this weekly class will craft a full creative story. They will learn to write the main parts of their story and create their own storybook.

Let’s Start to Enjoy Writing! Weekly Journal Prompts & Drawing

Join us every week for creative expression through journaling and discussions with peers. Students will engage in weekly open-ended journal prompts to enhance thinking, self-reflection, and creativity.

I Survived Book Club

This class is for students ages 9-14. Join our exciting "I Survived Book Club." Students will read the "I Survived" series, come to class prepared to discuss the book, and delve deeper into historical events.

Make Your Own Comic Book

This class is for students ages 8-14. Join our weekly Comic Book Club class to learn the art of creating comic books! The class covers character design, story planning, drawing, inking, and coloring, suitable for all levels of learners.

Bedazzled Beads: Jewelry Making Club

This is a weekly jewelry making club for children who enjoy creating bracelets with fun color schemes. They get to experiment with various beads and materials, crafting a unique beaded bracelet every week. The hands-on class allows students to create alongside their homeschool peers, making unique masterpieces to wear and share with family and friends.

Multiplication Fluency Boot Camp

This class is for students ages 8-13. This weekly class helps students master single-digit multiplication facts by building essential skills and strategies. It is ideal for children struggling with fluency in multiplication, needing a refresher, or simply enjoying engaging group practice sessions.

Multiplication can be Puzzling-Let’s Break it Down

This weekly class will teach students the basic multiplication facts from 0 to 12. We will employ games, songs, number sense, patterns, and memorization tricks to help master the facts.


This class is for students ages 11-15. Explore Pre-Algebra & Geometry by diving into topics like distributive property, shapes, angles, area, and problem-solving. Develop confidence, master concepts, and conquer math challenges!

Ice Breakers, Interactive Games, Mystery Pictures & More!

Join us weekly for a fun and engaging class. Our virtual sessions feature games, ice breakers, mystery pictures, and more! This social and game-focused class is a quick, exciting event for homeschool students to anticipate each week.

Social Skills & Beyond

Join us every week to incorporate purposeful social skills building activities into your homeschool routine. We will engage in various activities such as games, role-playing, and more to practice and enhance social skills.

Princess Tea Party

Welcome to the Princess Club! You are invited to join your favorite princesses at a tea party. Each week, you'll meet a new princess, listen to royal stories, and sing songs!

Play-Doh: Shape & Learn Your Letter Sounds

Are you seeking to enhance letter recognition and fine motor skills for your PreK and/or Kindergarten child in your homeschool journey? Look no further! Join our weekly class where we will learn the alphabet, use play-doh and hands-on tools to create and practice letters. This engaging, hands-on early literacy class will captivate your children!

High School Social Club

Join our high school club for students where we hang out, chat, play games, and engage in activities chosen by students.

Perler Bead: Craft & Chat

Join us every week to create Perler art projects, using your time to craft and hang out with Perler friends. No experience needed! It's a fantastic addition to your weekly homeschool routine.

Intermediate Learning Pals

For students aged 12-14, Intermediate Pals: General Education Focused is a beneficial program. It includes weekly group sessions covering reading fluency, comprehension, essay writing, as well as math topics like long division, ratios, unit rates, and geometry concepts.

PreK-Kindergarten Learning Pals

Our innovative class, PreK/Kindergarten Pals, is tailored to enhance young students' homeschooling experience. Through weekly group sessions, children delve into core academic concepts like letter and number recognition, drawing, pattern-making, and fine motor skills. Engaging activities ensure your child gains a solid foundation for homeschooling success.

The Mind’s Eye: Listening to Clues, Crafting a Story with Words and Images

This class is for students ages 9-12. Previewing a story, making predictions, and using the Mind's Eye approach are crucial for reading comprehension in developing readers. In this weekly class, students will listen to a list of words, then create their own story predictions based solely on those words. By using words and simple pictures, students will articulate their predictions about the story's content.

English Language Arts Essentials Level 1: 4th-5th Grade

This class is for students ages 9-10. This course focuses on enhancing students' English Language Arts skills for 4th-5th graders. It covers reading, writing, grammar, and critical analysis. Students will participate in weekly live classes with interactive sessions to strengthen their language arts foundation.

Elementary Science

This class is for students ages 7-12. Discover the marvels of Earth Science, Life Science, and Physical Science. Build your interactive notebook, conduct experiments, and create crafts related to elementary science concepts. Dive into a world of science exploration!

Little Learner Circle Time

This class is for students ages 3-6. Primary Circle Time provides an engaging learning experience for children aged 3-6. Through interactive activities, students cultivate a sense of community as they engage with days of the week, colors, shapes, numbers, and seasonal stories.

ABC Exploration with Treat Making, Crafts, Games, & More!

This class is for students ages 3-6. ABC Exploration with Treat Making, Crafts, Games, & More is an engaging class for children aged 3-5. Each week, students focus on a new letter, practicing its sounds and creating a related craft. This class seamlessly combines art with letter recognition in an enjoyable way.

Primary Storytime & Craft

This class is for students ages 4-8. Primary Story Time & Craft is tailored for 6-8-year-old students to nurture a love for literature and enhance creative thinking skills. Each week, students engage with their Early Primary Pals to enjoy seasonal stories, fun crafts, and writing projects linked to the stories.

Choose Your Own Adventure Book Club

Do you have a reluctant reader or want to make reading exciting for your child? If yes, our weekly Choose Your Own Adventure Book Club is a must! In this club, students discuss the book, choose the story's path as a group, answer comprehension questions, engage in active discussions, do short projects, and more! It's a club your kids will love! Reading is done outside class time, and students should come prepared having read the assigned chapter.

Learning Sight Words

Prepare for an enjoyable and interactive class tailored for students aged 5-8. We will enhance sight word recognition, fluency, and early literacy foundation through engaging activities, interactive games, and early readers.

Orton Gillingham: Spelling, Reading, & Writing

This class is for students ages 7-13. Join our interactive phonics class where we explore letter sound combinations using the Orton-Gillingham approach. Originally designed for kids with dyslexia or dysgraphia, it's beneficial for any child.

English Language Arts Essentials Level 1: 6th-7th Grade

This class is for students ages 11-13. This class is designed to improve students' English Language Arts skills for 6th-7th graders. Engage in weekly live interactive sessions to develop a strong foundation in language arts.. It covers reading, writing, grammar, critical analysis, literature, speaking, listening, presenting, and research paper processes. The weekly live classes offer interactive sessions to help students build a strong language arts foundation.

Magic Tree House Book Club

This class is for students ages 8-12. In this book club camp, students will read one book per week independently from the Magic Tree House series. They will then come together to discuss the plot, character motivations and behaviors, and enjoy fun puzzles with their favorite snack!

American Girl Doll Book Club

This class is for students ages 9-14. Our American Girl Doll Book Club, available on-demand, is tailored for children aged 8-14. Through reading and activities, we delve into the lives and stories of American Girl dolls. It provides an interactive and fun way for your child to learn about American history.

History A-Z

Join us for History A-Z! Experience a comprehensive world history academic curriculum in a fun and interactive manner. Participants will delve into our past through captivating facts, videos, quizzes, art and craft activities, worksheets, and more!

Math with Friends:
Counting & Number Sense, Beginning Addition & Subtraction"

Join this interactive kindergarten math class for fun hands-on activities. Engage with manipulatives like fun-dough, smash mats, connecting cubes, and bricks.

Where Math & Art Collide

Join our weekly class tailored for students aged 11-14. We'll enhance math skills, incorporate creativity, and focus on multi-digit multiplication, division, problem-solving, and multi-step word problems. Students should have fluency in multiplication and division facts or be able to use a multiplication table for single-digit operations in class.

Graphing Data: Bar, Line, Pie, Histogram, Stem-Leaf, Box

Join our weekly live class on Graphing Data, where we cover bar, line, pie, histogram, stem-leaf, and box plots. Enhance your graphing skills across various formats and gain a better understanding of graphing data. Don't miss out on this valuable class!

Algebra 1

Covering equations, variables, functions, graphing, and problem-solving, this weekly Algebra 1 course offers engaging and interactive online learning tailored for high school math students.

Hands On Science Experiments

Each week, we will delve into hands-on science experiments to enhance our understanding of science concepts and maintain high excitement for science topics. This interactive class will introduce a new experiment weekly, allowing students to explore new concepts, share findings, and collaborate with peers.

Virtual Field Trip: Fun, Facts & Travel

Join us weekly for exciting virtual field trips! Explore diverse locations worldwide, learn details about each place, and enjoy fun learning experiences with homeschool friends.

Explore Big Feelings: Mindfulness Strategies

This weekly class focuses on enhancing attention and reinforcing the best version of ourselves through affirmations and mindfulness. It's ideal for children seeking peace of mind or for parents aiming to integrate mindfulness practices and relaxation into their homeschool routine.

Adult Life Skills

This weekly class will cover essential skills for successful adulting. Topics include driving, government workings, cyber/internet safety, renting and living away from home, cooking, cleaning, organization, home and car maintenance, financial literacy, time management, relationships and communication, health and wellness, money management, credit, banking, retirement, social skills, and transitioning to the working world.

Middle School Social Club

Join us in this ongoing club for middle school-aged students. We'll hang out, chat, play games, and take part in activities chosen by the students.

History's Most Mysterious People

Explore intriguing tales and mysteries from both nearby and far-off lands - delving into the unknown, the unsolved, and the bizarre. Engage in lively discussions, interactive sessions, unleash creativity, and foster critical thinking throughout the class.

Primary Learning Pals

Primary Learning Pals is a unique class for students aged 9-12. Students meet up in a group setting to learn academic concepts like reading fluency, text response, close reading, math skills (multiplication, division, fractions, time), and more. This program helps students boost confidence in academics and achieve their best.

Learn Fractions with Pictures, Manipulatives, Crafts & More

This class is for students ages 9-11. Join our weekly class where we will explore the basics of fractions. Topics include defining fractions, comparing them, writing equivalent fractions, and mastering fraction operations like addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Each concept will have a hands-on activity such as using manipulatives, crafting, drawing, playing games, and more! If fractions have been challenging for your child, this class is a must!

Become a Reading Detective: Reading Comprehension & Fluency

This class is for students ages 8-13. Is your child in need of extra help to improve their reading comprehension skills? Are you searching for ways to incorporate more reading practice into your weekly homeschooling schedule? Look no further! Our Reading Detective class is a fun and engaging option for your child. Each week, we explore various close reading strategies, read short passages, and work on comprehension questions.

Roblox Hangout

This class is for students ages 9+. Students will learn critical thinking, multi-tasking, gameplay skills, and social skills in this highly anticipated weekly class focused on playing Roblox

Mad Scientist! Explore the Scientific Method with Hands-On Science Activities

This class is for students ages 7-12. Join our Mad Scientist class! Students can participate in weekly science experiments or STEM activities and share their love of science with other kids.

Intermediate Level Spanish

This class is for students ages 10-18. Our Intermediate Level Spanish weekly live class is designed for children aged 10-18. Students will have the opportunity to practice Spanish vocabulary, learn new verbs, conjugate them, and improve their speaking and writing skills. This world language class is suitable for high beginner and intermediate Spanish learners.

Road Trip Across the U.S.A.: States & Capitals Edition

This class is for students ages 7-13. The Road Trip Across the U.S.A.: States & Capitals Edition is tailored for students aged 7-13. It offers a creative approach to explore the country through interactive activities, crafts, and stories. Students will develop an appreciation for the country's natural beauty and culture.

Animal Science Facts & Crafts (Fall/Winter Edition)

This class is for students ages 6-13. If your children love learning about animals, this class is a perfect solution! Join us weekly to discover a new animal, make a hands-on craft, and explore important animal facts. It's a fun way to learn and create together. Ideal for animal and craft enthusiasts!!

Reading Comprehension Skills

In this reading comprehension and fluency class for ages 7-10, students will learn essential skills and strategies for reading success.

Vocabulary Wizards! Weekly Vocabulary Fun

Join us every week to learn and study five high-level vocabulary words that will enhance your English. Afterward, enjoy a fun game to practice and reinforce your new knowledge!

Craft Your Own Creative Story (High School)

In this weekly class for high school students, they will create a full creative story. They will learn to develop the main parts of their story and compile it into their own storybook.

English Language Arts Essentials Level 1: 8th-9th Grade

This class is for students ages 14-15. This class is designed for 8th-9th-grade students to enhance their reading, writing, language, and speaking/listening skills. Through the exploration of novels, short stories, and informational texts, students will analyze themes, main ideas, supporting details, and vocabulary. They will also practice writing paragraphs, academic essays (narrative, persuasive, and literary analysis), and reflections. The class covers literature, grammar, writing, speaking, listening, presenting, research paper processes, and more. Engage in weekly live interactive sessions to develop a strong foundation in language arts.

Magic School Bus Book Club

Join our weekly book club for an engaging experience. Each week, learners will read and discuss a Magic School Bus book, enhancing comprehension, vocabulary, spelling, and more!

Cursive Handwriting: The Basics

This beginner-friendly cursive course teaches students how to create strokes, letters, and the basics of cursive writing in an enjoyable manner! Your child can join this cursive class without any prior knowledge.

Let’s Make Lunch! Cooking/Baking Experience for Aspiring Chefs

Join us in learning how to prepare and cook your own lunch every week! We'll provide a list of ingredients, meet to make the recipe, and enjoy a delicious lunch made just for you! This class offers a great opportunity to integrate life skills into your homeschool routine in a smaller, more intimate class setting.

Let’s Make Math Fun! Basic Multiplication & Division Facts

In this weekly class, students will develop single-digit multiplication and division skills using discovery learning techniques. The course progresses from basic multiplication to division facts, with a focus on enhancing fluency in both operations.

Math Adventure Club: Addition & Subtraction up to 20

Students in this weekly class will learn how to practice addition and subtraction up to 20 together using discovery learning techniques.

Middle School Level Mathematics

This class is for students ages 11-14. Our Middle School Level Mathematics class provides students aged 11-14 with the chance to expand their arithmetic skills to cover fractions and decimals. Additionally, students will learn the basics of algebra, such as understanding variables and solving one-step equations in real-world scenarios.

Algebra 2

Join our weekly Algebra 2 class for high school students. Learn concepts like the Quadratic Formula, Imaginary and Complex Numbers, Distance & Midpoint Formula, and more.

Let's Draw Cartoon Characters

In this engaging weekly class, students will receive guidance on drawing a distinctive cartoon character. They will then create their own interpretation of each character.

Colorful Science Experiments

This weekly interactive science class offers hands-on activities where students conduct various experiments with added colorful elements for an engaging and enjoyable experience.

Fitness, Workout & Movement Club

Our weekly Fitness, Workout, and Movement Club aims to promote healthiness through creative and engaging movements. Each class will feature full-body and isolated muscle exercises to enhance strength, endurance, coordination, and most importantly, make it FUN!

Seasonal Art Activities (Fall/Winter Edition)

Join Mrs. Christy weekly to create engaging seasonal art projects in our Fall/Winter edition class, adding a touch of arts and crafts to your homeschool routine.

Phonemic Awareness

This weekly class focuses on enhancing students' phonemic awareness through activities that involve manipulating letter sounds to improve reading and spelling skills. They will learn essential reading skills like blending and segmenting, setting a strong foundation for reading success.

Watercolor for Relaxation

Indulge in weekly watercolor painting sessions, allowing time for relaxation and unwinding. Follow step-by-step guidance to craft your distinct artwork. Enhance your fine motor skills, learn valuable tips and tricks, and unleash your creativity. Refine your color mixing, blending, and brush control techniques along the way.

Early Primary Learning Pals

Early Primary Pals offers a fun learning experience for students aged 6-8. Our program meets weekly in a group setting to assist students in developing core academic concepts. We focus on key areas like independent reading skills, high-frequency word recognition, answering text-related questions, responding to prompts with pictures and words, as well as addition, subtraction, and place value.

Ratios, Ratio Tables & Unit Rates

This weekly class is designed for students ages 11-13 to explore fundamental concepts of ratios. Topics covered include visual representations of ratios, ratio tables, unit rates, and solving word problems related to ratios and unit rates. The class emphasizes a visual learning approach, hands-on practice, ample practice time, and teacher feedback.


This class is for students ages 11-14. Each week, weather enthusiasts can join us to delve into meteorology topics like thunderstorms, hurricanes, tornadoes, weather maps, supercells, radars, and more!

Drama & Improv Club

This class is for students ages 8-14. Join our Drama Club to explore acting techniques and improv games! Our class provides a supportive environment for students to boost confidence, unleash creativity, and develop drama skills. All experience levels are welcome!

Craft Your Own Creative Story: Elementary

This class is for students ages 7-10. In our weekly class "Craft Your Own Creative Story: Elementary," elementary students will discover effective writing strategies to overcome writer's block. They will learn how to draft, edit, and create their own short story.

Introduction to Spanish (Beginner Level)

This class is for students ages 5-10. This Beginner Spanish weekly live class is tailored for children ages 5-10. Learn Spanish language basics such as pronunciation, vocabulary, and basic grammar to help your child learn effectively.

FUNdamentals: Elementary Music

This class is for students ages 6-12. Join us for an enjoyable and engaging elementary general music class designed for students of elementary age. Explore musical concepts through songs, games, activities, and more!

Sweet Treat & Eats

This class is for students ages 5-18. Join us in learning to bake a new and delicious treat each week! We'll provide a list of ingredients, meet to make the recipe, and enjoy a sweet treat. This class is a great way to incorporate life skills into your homeschool routine. Don't miss out!

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