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Education Program | Virtual Pen Pal Program | Spark Learning Pal

Looking for a Fantastic Way to Enhance your Homeschool Adventure?

Look no further than our Unlimited Program!

With endless possibilities and options, this program was made just for you.

So why wait? Sign up today and enjoy the ultimate homeschool experience!

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Our offerings are truly fantastic!

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With 70+ weekly live classes, your child is bound to find an engaging and interactive class that fits their interests and schedule. No need to book in advance, just hop into any class that catches your eye! And if that wasn't enough, how about our Pen Pal Program? It's perfect for homeschooling families wanting to incorporate more writing. Engage in weekly writing activities while also making connections with other homeschoolers. It's a win-win!

View our Unlimited Program Class Offerings for the 2023-2024 School Year

Virtual Pen Pal Program | Homeschool Education | Learning Pal

Our Classes

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Stuffed Felt Alphabets

Letter of the Week & Phonemic Awareness

Ages 4-7

Our Letter of the Week & Phonemic Awareness class offers students ages 4-7 an engaging way to learn the letter of the week and develop their phonemic awareness skills. Through a variety of activities, students will build a strong foundation of early literacy skills to become confident readers.

Sorry Board Game

Logic, Puzzles & Games

Ages 9-12+

Our Logic, Puzzles & Games class is specifically designed for students ages 9-12+ to develop and hone their critical thinking skills. Through a variety of riddles, puzzles, stories, and process of elimination challenges, students will be introduced to beginning logic skills while having fun

Students Sitting on Staircase

High School Hangou

High School Hangout is an engaging and supportive group for homeschooled students ages 15-18. Twice a month, students will have the opportunity to meet in a fun and social setting to chat, practice their social skills, and build connections with each other. This service is an excellent way to provide additional social interaction for your older homeschooled students.

Remote Lake

Unsolved Mysteries

Ages 8-12+

This service is designed for children ages 10 and up, and provides a unique opportunity to explore some of the most compelling unsolved mysteries in history. With the help of our educational materials and resources, students can become amateur detectives and work to uncover the truth behind these unsolved cases.

Art Supply

Career Exploration

Ages 14-18

Our Career Exploration class is designed to help students ages 13 and up prepare for their future. We provide them with the tools to explore a variety of career paths, including the duties, education needed, and salary associated with each. This allows students to make informed decisions about their future and find the career that best fits their interests and goals.

Empty Road

Road Trip Across the United States

The Road Trip Across the U.S. Story Craft Edition is designed for students ages 8-12 and provides a creative way to explore the country. Through interactive activities, crafts, and stories, students will gain an appreciation for the country's natural beauty and culture.

home keys

Home Economics

Our Home Economics class is designed for students ages 12-18 years of age. In this class, students will learn the fundamentals of household subjects, such as human development, personal and family finance, housing and interior design, food science and preparation, nutrition and wellness, textiles and apparel, and consumer issues. Through this class, students will gain the necessary skills to thrive in the home environment.

Daycare Center

Show & Tell Club

Ages 3-6

Join us every week for a chance for your child to share something special, discuss why it is special to them, and hear about their friends special items/experiences. This is an excellent social skills building class for our younger students.

Cartoons in the Air

Pixar Shorts & Create

Our Pixar Shorts and Create class provides an engaging and educational experience for students ages 10-13. In this class, students will watch a new Pixar short video clip, followed by a group discussion and individual student response form. Through this activity, students will be able to hone their comprehension skills and gain a deeper understanding of the stories they watch.

Math Notebook and Calculator

Middle School Level Mathematics

Our Middle School Level Mathematics service offers students ages 11-14 the opportunity to extend their knowledge of arithmetic to include fractions and decimals. Students will also have the opportunity to learn the fundamentals of algebra, including the concept of a variable and how to solve one-step equations in the context of real-world applications.

Image by Antoine Dautry

Algebra 2

Our Algebra 2 course is designed specifically for students ages 15-18. It allows them to continue their exploration of functions, including polynomial, exponential, rational and radical functions. Students will learn to build and interpret functions that model relationships between two quantities by analyzing the key features of the graphs and equations.

Image by National Cancer Institute

High School Level Science

Our High School Level Science course is designed for students ages 14-18 and provides a unique opportunity to explore complex science topics such as biology, chemistry, and physics. Students will have access to educational videos and be able to demonstrate their learning through a variety of ways. This course will help prepare students for success in higher level science courses.

Perler Bead Creations | Spark Learning Pals

Perler Bead Creations

Our Perler bead creation services are designed for children ages 8 and up. This service is offered on-demand only, so you can request it at any time. We have a variety of seasonal patterns to choose from, so your child can create a unique and fun project.

Mexican Street Decoration

Beginner Spanish

This Beginner Spanish course is designed for ages 3-7 and is available on-demand. Your child will learn the fundamentals of the language, including pronunciation, vocabulary, and basic grammar.

Dance Class

American Girl Doll Club

Our American Girl Doll Club is designed for children ages 6-12 and is available on-demand only. We will explore the lives and stories of the American Girl dolls through reading and activities. It's a great way for your child to learn about American history in an interactive and fun way.

Anatomical Model

Anatomy & Physiology

Our Anatomy & Physiology class is designed for high school students ages 14-18 and is offered on-demand only.

Vintage Carousel

Magic Math

Ages 8-9

Students will explore different math units typically covered in 3rd grade. Topics include: rounding, addition and subtraction with regrouping, multiplication and building fluency with multiplication facts.

Taking Notes

Setting Yourself Up For Success: Study Skills & Note-Taking Strategies

Ages 12-15

On-Demand Only

Students will investigate skills in time management, note-taking, organization, test preparation, and how to successfully break down assignments.

Vervet Monkey

Animal Science A-Z Animal Facts & Crafts

Ages 5-10

On-Demand Only

Students will learn cool facts about different animals throughout the world and do a fun craft, project, and/or game.

Jungle Waterfall


Ages 7-10

Welcome young scientists to the weird and wonderful world of plants! In this class students will explore how plants grow and thrive through experiments, activities, and art.

Arts & Crafts

Drawing & Painting Art Club

Ages 5-12

Creativity, friendship, and crafts, what else could you ask for? Join us every week as we create a new craft together.

US Flag

Early Elementary Interactive Read Aloud

Ages 4-6

On-Demand Only

Students will practice reading comprehension, and early reading skills with fun-filled illustrated stories.

Planet and Moon

Blast Off into the Solar System

Ages 8-11

On-Demand Only

Students will learn about the Solar System in a fun and engaging format. Your child won't want to miss our weekly Solar System class.


Animal Science A-Z Facts & Crafts

Ages 5-8

Our Animal Science A-Z Facts & Crafts class is designed for children ages 5-8. Through this program, kids will explore the world of animals and their habitats while learning interesting facts and engaging in fun crafts, projects, and games.

Drawing Class

Learn to Draw: Beginner Edition

Ages 6-10

Learn to Draw: Beginner Edition offers a fun, interactive way for your children to explore their creativity. Students will meet once a week to learn to draw something new by following along with directed drawing strategies. If time permits, they will add color to their special creation. This is a great way to relax and have fun while exploring the world of art.

Best Friends

Middle School Hangout

Ages 11-14

Middle School Hangout is the perfect way for middle school age students to make friends, have fun, and stay connected. This class provides a safe and supportive space for students to come together, socialize, and learn important social skills that will serve them well as they transition into high school. With fun activities, group discussions, and plenty of time to chat, Middle School Hangout helps students stay connected while having a great time.

Grammar Workshop | Elementary Homeschool Curriculum

Grammar Workshop

Ages 10-12

Grammar Workshop is a great way for children ages 10-12 to learn and practice grammar in a fun and engaging way. Through our bi-weekly class, participants will learn the fundamentals of grammar and practice their skills in a supportive environment.

MInecraft Village

Pokemon & Minecraft Math Club

Ages 9-13

Our Pokemon and Minecraft Math Club is ideal for ages 9-13 interested in developing their math skills while having fun with their favorite video game characters. Each week students will practice mathematical concepts like multiplication and division, all with a Pokemon and/or Minecraft theme! Sample activities include: Multiplication mystery picture (minecraft themed) and Division mystery picture (Pokemon themed).


North American Birds

For ages 8-12, our North American Birds State Birds class will provide an opportunity to explore the beauty of nature and learn about individual birds through stories and activities. Students will learn about the characteristics and habitats of common North American birds while completing ongoing nature journal activities & sketches.

Happy Reader

Comprehension Skills

Our Comprehension Skills class is designed for students ages 9-12 years of age. Here, students will practice close reading strategies to support their understanding of the text, as well as ask and answer questions about what they are reading. With our Comprehension Skills class, students will gain the skills needed to become better readers and thinkers.

Beginning Logic Puzzles & Games | Spark Learning Pals

Beginning Logic Puzzles & Games

Our Beginning Logic, Puzzles & Games course is designed for students ages 8-12, providing an engaging and fun way to develop problem solving and critical thinking skills. Each lesson is tailored to challenge the student's abilities and encourage growth.

Math Formulas and a Calculator

Algebra 1

Algebra 1 group class is designed for ages 13-15 and provides a comprehensive introduction to the basics of algebra. Students will learn how to use letters (called variables) and numbers with mathematical symbols to solve problems. Our Algebra 1 program covers topics such as evaluating expressions, writing equations, graphing functions, solving quadratics, and understanding inequalities. With our guidance, your child will gain the confidence and skills to excel in their algebra studies.

Geometry Tools

The Number Line

The Number Line group class is specifically designed for students ages 11-13, providing an interactive and comprehensive learning experience. Students will be exposed to the fundamentals of the number line, including positive and negative values, decimals, and fractions. Through this program, students will gain a deeper understanding of where values fall on the number line and how to accurately plot values.

Man and Dragon

Prodigy Math Club

The Prodigy Math Club offers an engaging and educational way for students ages 6-12+ to learn mathematics. Students come together to play the beloved math-based game, Prodigy, where each correct answer grants them a spell to cast during the battle. Players can battle monsters or other characters, and winning battles boosts their stats, earning them hearts and other rewards. Make learning math fun with the Prodigy Math Club

Book Pages

Interactive Read Alouds

Our interactive read alouds for ages 6-12 are designed to help children develop their reading skills in a fun and engaging way. Through engaging stories, students will practice reading comprehension and critical thinking while reading books from a range of literary genres. Guided by our experienced educators, children will be able to make connections between the stories and their own lives.

Math and Geometry Tools

Basic Geometry-All Shapes

Our Basic Geometry class is the perfect choice for homeschool students aged 9-12 who are looking to master the fundamentals of geometry. Our experienced instructors will guide your child through important concepts such as lines, angles, and shapes, providing them with the solid foundation they need to excel in all areas of mathematics.

Learning Greek & Latin Roots l Spark Learning Pals

Learning Greek & Latin Roots 1

Ages 10+

Learning Greek & Latin Root words has such a huge impact on vocabulary. It prepares students to be able to figure out the meaning of each word. Each week, students will learn new roots, parts of speech, and practice analogies.

Marble Bust


The class is designed for students aged 12-16 and is available as an on-demand course, allowing students to learn at their own pace.
This is the perfect opportunity for curious young minds to explore the fascinating world of ancient mythology.

Science Class

Weekly Science Lab

Ages 13-15

Students will explore and learn new science based topics each week, all while completing highly engaging science experiments.


Future Chef's Baking Retreat

Ages 5-12+

Students will explore making different yummy treats and snacks in this exciting and hands-on weekly baking/cooking class.

Teenagers in Park

Adulting 101

Ages 13-18

On-Demand Only

Students will learn various topics necessary to living on their own-sewing on a button, planning & preparing simple meals, types of insurance, being a responsible driver, internet and phone safety, home ownership, car maintenance, filing out a resume, budgeting, filing taxes, basics of childcare, how to be a good roommate, etc.

Water color paints

Exploring Nature Through Water Coloring

Ages 8+

On-Demand Only

Students will create their own Nature Water Color Journal and add to it each week while learning the basics of water coloring.

Cute Notebooks

Master Paragraph Writing

Ages 8-12

On-Demand Only

Students will explore a variety of prompts to learn the basics of paragraph writing.

Alarm Clock

What Does the Clock Say?

Ages 6-10

On-Demand Only

Does your child need more practice with learning to tell time? Too often, this skill is overlooked and many children aren't able to tell time on an analog clock independently. In this weekly class, your child will learn to tell time to the nearest hour, half-hour, quarter hour, and five minutes

Preschool Class

Playful Clay Stories

Ages 3-5

Join us for structured fine motor building activities using play dough! All while listening to fun and interactive stories. You'll love our Playful Clay Story Time!

Colorful Toys

Primary Circle Time

Ages 3-6

Primary Circle Time offers an engaging learning experience for children ages 3-6. Through interactive activities, students build a sense of community while they review days of the week, colors, shapes, numbers or listen to a seasonal story. It is the perfect way to introduce your child to a homeschool program.

Pencil Colors

Learn to Draw: Advanced Edition

Ages 11-15+

Learn to Draw: Advanced Edition is a great way to help your children explore their creative side. In this course, students will meet once a week to learn to draw something new, following along with directed drawing strategies. They will gain an understanding of basic drawing techniques and, if time permits, will add color to their special creation. This class is a great way to help your children develop their artistic skills in a relaxing and creative environment.

Designed Notebooks

Poetry Club

Ages 10-14

Our Poetry Club offers students ages 10-14 a unique opportunity to explore the wonderful world of poetry. Through engaging activities and discussions, students will be able to expand their knowledge and understanding of different works of poetry, explore their creativity, and increase their descriptive skills.


Learn Greek & Latin Roots 2

Ages 10+

Our Learn Greek and Latin Roots program is perfect for students aged 10 and up. It helps students increase their reading comprehension and vocabulary. The program is designed to make learning these roots fun and engaging.

Communicating Through Signs

Beginner American Sign Language

Our Beginner American Sign Language course is designed for students aged 8-12 who are interested in learning the basics of ASL. Each week, students will learn the fundamental concepts of American Sign Language and practice them alongside their peers in a safe and supportive environment. By the end of the course, students will be able to confidently communicate using ASL.

Travel planning

Continents & Countries

Our Continents and Countries class is perfect for students ages 9-13 years of age who want to learn more about the world around them. Through fun and engaging activities, students explore different continents and countries, and gain a better understanding of the world's geography. They will have a blast while learning about the cultures and people of different lands.

Best Online Homeschool Programs Elementary | Spark Learning Pals

The Power of PEMDAS

The Power of PEMDAS is a class designed specifically for children ages 10-13, teaching them all about the Order of Operations. Through a series of fun activities, students will gain a better understanding of the importance of PEMDAS and how it can be applied to their everyday math problems. This class is the perfect way to give your child the tools they need to succeed in math.

Wooden Alphabets

Spelling Bee Club: 3rd & 4th Grade

Our Spelling Bee Club offers a fun and interactive way for 3rd and 4th grade students to improve their spelling skills. Through fun and engaging activities, our students will learn new spelling patterns, practice spelling challenging words, and build confidence in their skills. With our experienced instructors, your child will be sure to gain the knowledge they need to become a successful speller.

Image by Aaron Burden

Magic Tree House Book Club

The Magic Tree House Book Club is perfect for students ages 8-11 who love to read and explore. Together they will read and discuss the beloved books about Jack and Annie, a brother and sister who discover a magical tree house filled with books. In Dinosaurs Before Dark, the tree house takes them on their first journey—an unforgettable adventure in prehistoric times. Get ready for a fun and thought-provoking experience

Image by Christoffer Engström

All About Oceans

All About Oceans is a group classl that provides an exciting learning opportunity for students ages 11-13. This class will introduce students to the different oceans, explore the features and characteristics of our world's oceans and much more. Through engaging activities and interactive lessons, students will gain a deeper understanding of the ocean environment and build their knowledge of marine life.

Image by Max Harlynking

Super Mario Bros: Stories, Sharing & Create

Super Mario Bros: Stories, Sharing & Create is a perfect addition to any homeschooling curriculum for students ages 7-10 years of age. With this class, students will explore the world of Super Mario Bros through stories, share their thoughts and ideas, and even create exciting pictures and models. This is a great way for homeschoolers to have fun and learn at the same time.

Popcorn Fall

Reader's Theater

Ages 7-10

On-Demand Only

Students will engage in different short story scripts each week to practice building their accuracy, and fluency when reading aloud. This is an exciting way to incorporate reading into your weekly homeschool routine.

A land connecting to the sea

Geography Club

The Geography Club provides an on-demand, educational experience for children ages 8-12, offering engaging activities and lessons to help them explore and understand the world around them. Through interactive maps, videos, and games, students can gain a deeper knowledge of North American geography.

Math Tutoring

Converting Decimals to Fractions to Mixed Numbers to Percentages

This course is designed for students ages 12-14 and is offered on-demand only.
By the end of the course, students will have a firm understanding of these mathematical concepts and the ability to apply them to real-world problems.

Seasonal Art Activities Online | Spark Learning Pals

Seasonal Art Activities

Our seasonal art activities are designed for children ages 5-8 and are available on-demand. Through hands-on activities, kids will explore colors, textures, and shapes to make art that celebrates the changing seasons.

Virtual Physical Education | Spark Learning Pals

Physical Education

Ages 5+

Regular movement and physical activity are not only beneficial to your children's physical health and wellbeing, but it also plays a critical role in their ability to focus and engage in learning tasks for longer periods of time. Join us every week for a fun-filled P.E. class sure to make your children smile.

Female Teacher during a Math Class

Normal Distribution-Statistics

Ages 16-18

On-Demand Only

Students will explore the core mathematical concepts of statistics in this weekly course.

Oil Painting on Canvas

American Composer: John Williams Study

Ages 16-18

On-Demand Only
Learn about a famous American composer and his life and influence on various orchestral works. Students will spend 1-2 weeks of focusing on a particular score (featured in movie or commercial), study and analysis of music score and tying earlier music influences into compositions.

Learning From Home

Spanish as a Second Language

Ages 6-8

Students will learn and practice basic concepts in Spanish. Students will meet twice a week for 40 minutes to learn new concepts and practice alongside their peers.

Princess Cake

The Princess Tea Party Club

Ages 5-8

On-Demand Only

Join us every week to engage in highly engaging social skills building activities. All activities are princess tea party themed!

Kids Handwriting

Cursive Handwriting

Ages 7-12

Learn the basic of cursive handwriting in this live teacher-led class. Your child will learn basic cursive strokes, uppercase, and lowercase letters. All while having fun with their fellow peers.

Solving Math Problem

Prime Numbers, Prime Factorization & Factor Trees

Ages 14-16

On-Demand Only

Students will meet once a week to learn mathematical concepts related to prime numbers, prime factorization, and factor trees. Students will explore and practice the concepts they learn in class.

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