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About Spark Learning Pal | Pen Pals for Students

About the Founder


Meet Katrina Beckman, the mastermind behind our education revolution! She started her career as a Special Education Teacher in Upstate New York, and today, with over a decade of experience, she's leading the charge to change the way we look at education.

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Online Class and Education | Spark Learning Pal
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A Life Long Mission

Katrina is on a lifelong mission to revolutionize education. Her journey began after obtaining a Bachelor's degree in Inclusive Education, followed by a Master's degree in Curriculum & Instruction, with a focus on Special Education.

During her time working in under-resourced school districts, Katrina realized a problem: a disconnect between the curriculum and level of support available to students, compared to the individual needs of each child. Rather than accept this as the status quo, she took it as a challenge. And thus, Katrina began creating new and exciting ways for students to learn.

All Students Can Learn

Because as she saw it, learning doesn't have to be confined to a classroom. The key is having experiences that truly engage the learner. That's why she's dedicated herself to creating personalized, engaging, and meaningful learning experiences for ALL students


.And when she says all, she means ALL. Katrina truly believes that given the right guidance and support, every student can and will learn. It's just a matter of finding the approach that works for them.She's even created Spark Learning Pals, a program that's as individual in nature as the learners it supports. Plus, it's flexible and - perhaps most importantly - affordable for families.

Giving Back

Why does Katrina do it? Simple. To instill a love of learning in ALL children. It's her way of giving back to the community, of lending a hand whenever and wherever she can. Because as Katrina knows, a lifelong love of learning is truly priceless.

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