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Excited Children in Science Class

Your ultimate homeschool solution.

Live Teacher-Led Sessions for Students in Grades Pre-K-12th Grade Access to Over 70+ Live Teacher-Led Classes Every Week Full Program Smaller Group Class Offerings



2022-2023 School Year

BEGINS August 29th!

Live Teacher-Led Classes for Students in Grades Pre-K-12th Grade
Access to
Over 70+ Live Classes Every Week
Highly Engaging & Interactive
We are here to Support Your Homeschool Journey!

Spark Learning Pals is the ultimate resource to support your homeschool journey. 

We provide a unique and collaborative learning experience for your child. You will receive access to our online platform and live online teacher-led classes with the same peers and teachers every week. No need to spend hours on curriculum selection, lesson planning, and searching for supplemental classes, or tutor support.


Our programs will take care of this for you.


Hear what our families have to say.

Thank you for your wonderful program.

It has helped my children's confidence!

This program has been a lifesaver for my family! The program is very interactive. Having the support from a teacher and all the materials that are provided has helped me be more successful with teaching my children.

Not only does Spark Learning Pals care about their students, but the education/classes they teach is to be commended. My children love seeing Mrs. Sheryl's smiling face everyday in all the classes she teaches, including all their extracurricular activities! She is always smiling and makes sure to include all the children every step of the way. Mrs. Beckman has been nothing but wonderful from the start, she is quick to answer any/all questions and truly looks out for the best interest of all children. We are so grateful for finding Spark Learning Pal and highly recommend this program to ALL children! Thank you so much for all you guys do!


This program has made a huge difference for my child.  He is making progress amazingly quickly, and he is enjoying the classes and participating willingingly.  Thank you for your wonderful program.
Please pass on to the teachers that we are extremely pleased with the classes, and their efforts in keeping the instruction excellent.  I'm not particularly good with names, but every one of them is great. Music theory presented rhythm sheets, note naming, the basics of the recorder, and many other important aspects of music. The art classes have been very creative and she helps the students see how they can adapt to the materials they have on hand. Spanish is wonderfully taught by a native speaker.  The math exploration/games are engaging. The reading mystery and reader's theater give incentive to read and participate.  The handwriting class is opening a new door, and is well taught, as are the science and field trip classes, presenting new information in an engaging way. The sign language class is a good way to review signs, and see new ones in the stories presented.
My child knows his teachers consider him family.
I love that the students are inclusive. There are no comments about someone not belonging in any class, or anything, they all just participate and learn together.
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!


Although we are new to the program, I love the interaction with other kids for my children. Being able to answer questions and ask questions to a live teacher is incredibly helpful. The program is more interesting compared to other programs we've tried and provides more teacher support.


This programme has been a lifesaver for my family!

I love the interaction with the other kids!

My son really enjoys Spark!

Exactly what we have been looking for

Our family is truly blessed to have Spark Learning Pal in our homeschool journey. It has helped my children's confidence in the class and pushed them to be better thinkers, and take charge of their own education.


Spark Learning Pal Program is exactly what we've been looking for to complement our Power Homeschool/Acellus program. The teachers are professional and the lessons are engaging and make learning fun. It is a wonderful opportunity for my son to have live instruction in a classroom setting with other students from the comfort of our home. 


My son enjoys social interaction with his live teacher and classmates. He enjoys working alongside the same group of students and building friendships. He finds the lessons to be engaging and fun and enjoys the elective classes.

Spark Learning Pal program has provided us with support in writing, group learning, math, and socializing.


I can truly say that my son really enjoys Spark Learning Pals! He wakes up on the scheduled days ready for live class! Thank you for all you do!



Why We're Different

We were created to solely support homeschool families.

All of our teachers have a background in education as well as a strong connection to the homeschool community.


We aren't just any homeschool program.

We strive to provide collaborative, engaging, and affordable programs to support homeschool families around the world.

We take each Spark Learning Pal cohort very personally, which is why each teacher on our team brings their expertise in both the field of education and homeschooling to meet your children's needs.

Our small team of teachers uses their years of experience within the field of education to bring your child a very special learning experience each and every time.

We Strive to Make Learning Meaningful and Full of Excitement.

We Would Love to Hear From You!

Spark Learning Pal

by Exceptional Steps, LLC

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