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Color Pencils

Pre-K/Kindergarten Pals


Our Kindergarten Learning Pals are intended for children ages 5 and 6.



The lessons vary from week-to-week to keep students engaged, and excited about learning.



What Skills Will My Child Focus On Learning?

  • And So Much More!

  • Identify Shapes as 2-Dimensional or 3-Dimensional

  • Name Shapes & Match Similar Attributes

  • Classify Objects into Given Categories

  • Solve Addition & Subtraction Word Problems

  • Recognize Addition & Subtraction with Objects

  • Write Numbers from 0 to 20

  • Count to 100 by ones and tens

  • Ask & Answer Questions in Order to Seek Help, Gather Information, or Clarify Something That is Not Understood

  • Follow Agreed Upon Rules for Group Discussions

  • Use a Combination of Drawing, Dictating, and Writing to Compose an Opinion, Narrative, and/or Informative Writing Piece

  • Actively Engage in Group Reading Activities

  • Ask & Answer Questions About Unknown Words in a Text

  • Ask & Answer Questions About a Text

  • Read Emergent Reader Texts with Purpose & Understanding

  • Read High Frequency Words

  • Recognize and Produce Rhyming Words

  • Letter & Sound Identification

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